a. To review the financial reporting templates of SEC and recommend appropriate changes 
b. Advice governing council on permissible investment advisory services and recommend changes if any c. To assist with investor education across the country and capacity building of industry members 
d. To promote integrity in the investment advisory industry by fostering adherence to global standards e. To bolster the notion of self- regulation  

Kisseih Antonio              Sentinel Asset Management Limited

Kwabena Boamah          Stanbic Investment Management Services Limited

Eugenia Basheer            Tesah Capital Limited

Nana Sarfo                    Bora Capital Advisors Limited

Helena Kemetse             Databank Asset Management Services Limited

Cecelia Hesse                 Temple Investments Limited

Henry Sunkwa-Mills        InvestCorp Asset Management Limited

Marian Maanaa Dsane     GSIA Secretariat