a. To manage, advice and promote the collective interest of the Broker-Dealer community in Ghana. 
b. To advice Council on matters relating to and affecting, the stock and bond markets in Ghana and the Broker-Dealer community.

a. To recommend policies to promote the development of the stock market and related products and services. 
b. To assist in resolution of disputes arising from the business activities of Broker-Dealers when requested by any of the parties concerned. 
c. To maintain and manage disciplinary records of the executives and employees of members.   

    i. Winston Nelson Jnr.  – African Alliance (Chair) 
    ii. Armah Akotey – Databank (Vice-Chair)
    iii. Fouad Idun-Ogde – SBG Securities 
    iv. Ben Ackah – UMB 
    v. Edem Dewotor – EDC Stockbrokers
    vi.  Enyonam Dagadu – African Alliance
    vii.  Randy Ackah- IC Securities