1. Devotion to Duties
Executives or employees of GSIA members shall be devoted to their duties and shall receive prior approval before undertaking additional duties or activities that may affect the performance of their duties for the company. However, in the case of an event of force major, an ex post facto report shall be reported immediately.

2. Protection of Information
Executives or employees of GSIA members shall not divulge important information related to their duties or the company. The maintenance and management of such information shall be in accordance with the due process of the law.

3. Maintenance of Dignity
Executives or employees of GSIA members shall not perform any conduct that defames the social trust or the company’s dignity through their action.

4. Prohibition of Illegal Use of Company Properties
Executives or employees of GSIA members shall not illegally use the company’s properties or use their position for their own personal interest.

5. Supervision and Management
The management of GSIA members shall provide appropriate supervision and management so that those under their command and supervision are not in violation of the relevant laws, etc. in connection with the performance of their duties.

6. Duty after the Expiration of the Employment Contract
In the case where executives or employees of GSIA members retires from the company, appropriate follow-up measures shall be taken, and for a considerable period of time after retirement, such employees shall not engage in conduct that damages the interests of the company they have retired from