Elsie Enninful-Adu is the CEO of Parkstone Capital Limited, an investment advisory and wealth management firm, and has held this position since January 2012. She undertakes selected corporate advisory assignments and manages the wealth management portfolio of the Company. She is currently fundraising for a new private fund.

Elsie has over 20 years’ experience in the finance sector. Until June 2011, Elsie was the General Manager and a Senior Partner of Fidelity Capital Partners, one of the leading local venture capital funds based in Ghana, and was involved in structuring and managing private equity transactions.  Prior to this, Elsie was an investment banker, with significant experience in the industry in Ghana. She worked in strategic management, treasury management, capital markets and corporate advisory segments of investment banking. Elsie has interest in education, finance, healthcare and corporate governance.

Elsie currently serves on several Boards in Ghana, including companies in the finance and non-profit sectors, and previously served as a member of the editorial board of Value Examiner, a US based publication on the valuation practice, for 4 years.